5x Best Carnival Parties

Carnival is just around the corner! 5 days during which the city turns into one big party. Don't know where to go? We have listed some of the best parties in ‘Lampegat’ (the name for Eindhoven during carnival) for you.


Lampebal | 1 - 5 March

De Bank is a cool 'cultural experiment' in an actual former bank. The largest location in the centre of Lampegat will be transformed into a fiesta. Expect a little bit of Dutch polonaise, but especially urban hits, dirty songs and hip hop tunes.

De Bank

Thünderdömmel | 1 to 5 March

Thünderdömmel is the multi-day carnival festival of Eindhoven's favourite party collective Biki90. The party takes place in the former Bongo Beach, now Bold45, at Stratumseind. This year they combine pils and kebab; serving the best of two worlds in their five-day party paradise!  


Best Carnival Parties!

Confettival | 2 and 3 March

The organisation behind Royal Dutch Eindhoven and Winter Park Festival present the brand new carnival event Confettival on Saturday and Sunday! Confettival guarantees two days of complete chaos, squeaking ears, kilometers of polonaise and a lot of beer. Expect a mix of artists, from freestyle to classic carnival hits and from house to the hottest tunes of the moment.


Calypso Sur Mer | 2 to 4 March

Calypso Sur Mer is three days carnival in Calypso. An ode to French skipper Jacques Cousteau. A port and its ambiance. Sailors and whores singing. Shiny fish. Divers and free birds. Anchors and cabins. All at Calypso.

Bar Bistro Calypso

HeyDays Meets Bontgenoten Soundsystem | 3 March

Celebrate carnival for the first time at new hotspot HeyDays on the tunes of Bontgenoten! Sunday your day off? Check the Facebook page of HeyDays for their parties on the other carnival days.