5x food trends in Eindhoven

Food trends are hot. From conscious cooking to comfort food and black bites to specialty beer, in Eindhoven there are a couple of great places that picked up on a number of these trends. 5 places here you can go for trendy, delicious and Instagrammable dishes.

Bubble waffles | Waffelicious

This streetfood dish originated in Hong Kong a few years ago. Compare it to a cone of fries, only with waffles and lots of toppings. At Waffelicious Eindhoven, you can choose from 2 types of waffles, 6 different types of fruit, 11 chocolate flavors and 99 different combinations. A real guilty pleasure!

Black ice cream | Intelligentia ICE

Despite the fact that this food trend has been around for a while, black food is still a hot topic on Instagram. While visiting Eindhoven, stop by Intelligentia Ice at Strijp-S to get your share of black ice cream. This freshly prepared savvy treat tastes like black currant and chamomile. Are you a fan of crazy ice cream flavors? Then make sure you try 'Cuban Cigars', 'Toffee Bacon', or 'Gin & Tonic'.

Monster freakshakes | Streetfood

Nothing better than enjoying a big, ice cold milkshake once in a while. Especially if they look like the ones at Streetfood, then ordering in itself is like a small party. The monster shakes are extravagant, a tad unhealthy, very tasty, and above all beautiful to look at.

Acai Bowls | Happiness Kitchen

Fortunately, not all food trends come with thousands of calories. And the acai bowls of the Happiness Kitchen are in high demand! Choose a bio bowl with fresh fruit and homemade granola, or create your own bowl of Happiness with fresh products.

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