5x Mocktails & Alcohol-Free Drinks

Happy 2021! And with a new year comes new resolutions. A favorite: consuming less alcohol. That is why people partake in #DryJanuary every year. With the help of the following Eindhoven entrepreneurs, their mocktails, and other non-alcoholic drinks, you can be sure to keep it dry!

Jungle Café

Jungle Café, located in Woensel-West, is known for its menu. The latter, is good for both humankind and the planet. No wonder the popular fermented drink kombucha has been shining on the menu for a while, but there are more tasty substitutes to find here! How about a Wild iced tea or maybe an alcohol-free (0.0%) beer? 

The Eatelier

We have mentioned this initiative by fooddesign studio The Eatelier before, and we will do it again. The Remedy Box by Katinka Versendaal consists of the right amount of ingredients that give your body a positive boost, without alcohol. In short: mocktails as a remedy! And a plus, these alcohol-free drinks, including The Garden Sour and The Red Booch, are tasty all year round.

CoffeeLab Strijp-S

Besides coffee, tea, and of course, a hot chocolate to-go, there is a handful of non-alcoholic drinks on display in the in-house mini-supermarket at CoffeeLab Strijp-S. There, you might run into drinks like Bundaberg, GIMBER, or Fountain of Youth. All suitable to consume in their original form or to use as a base in a homemade mocktail.

Keep Dry January dry with the best mocktails en alchohol free drinks!

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