5x Parties in February

Now that Dry January is behind us, we can start to get ready for a festive February. Eindhoven Carnival will be the highlight of the month, but there are also plenty of other opportunities to dance the night away. Make sure to check out one of the following five parties in February.

MOZEM @ Lab-1

MOZEM has been a household name in Eindhoven for about four years now. It’s a creative collective that likes to party. If you are like them, a bit stubborn, but above all innovative and dare to show your killer moves, then the night of February 8 will be your night. LAB-1 will open their doors for the first MOZEM party of the year.

February 8

Lionized @ Soestdijk 2

A thunderous party will be hosted on February 8th in the party cellar of none other than Johan Vlemmix. In honor of the Fiftheenth anniversary of Critical Damage, a special party called Lionized was created to celebrate. This night at Soestdijk Palace 2 will be full of Millennium Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Early Terror and Frenchcore.

February 8

Borokov Borokov @ Power house

Old acquaintances of Dutch Design Week (DDW) and Belgian libertines, better known as Borokov Borokov, return to the city. This time they won’t perform during the annual DDW but on the 15th of February. The boys will once again turn Eindhoven and het Stroomhuisje upside down.

February 15

Parties in February!

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