5x soup places to warm you up

What better than sitting inside and warming your hands on a large cup of soup to prevent you from getting the January blues? Broth, stews and noodles, we've put together five places where they serve some of the city’s tastiest soups.

Happiness Kitchen

This place sells delicious, healthy and 100% natural dishes. Only fresh ingredients are used. Try their pumpkin soup, prepared with sweet potato and Ras el Hanout, served with sourdough bread and hummus on the side. Yummm!

XU Noodle Bar

From classic pork soup and seafood soup to spicy soup and veggie soup. At XU Noodle Bar they offer something for everyone, provided you like Asian influences. Take a seat inside their very cosy place!

Down Town Gourmet Market

At Down Town Gourmet Market you'll find 21 food concepts and see different cuisines come together. At one of the stalls, called Vietnamama, they sell a delicious noodle soup called Mama's love. Pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

Try their pumpkin soup, prepared with sweet potato.

Happiness Kitchen

Queen Hotel Café Restaurant

Do you prefer classic tomato soup? Then you've come to the right place! At Market Square in the city center you'll find Queen Hotel Café Restaurant, where you can enjoy a cup of tomato soup and warm bread with herb butter on the side.


Soeppa, located in Vershal het Veem at Strijp-S, offers a savory selection of soups every day. Taste fresh homemade soups, from Indonesian chicken to Surinamese peanut. Besides soups you can order a Houben sausage roll (worstenbroodje) and pita bread. Take a seat or your soup to go.