6 kids activities in November

The Sint and his helpers are on their way to Eindhoven and that means that Eindhoven is getting ready for the holiday season. But there's much more to experience in Eindhoven during the cold November month. Check out our tips for a day out with the kids!

Escape Loods Eindhoven

Travel through space together with your friends! Get into the spaceship and solve the mystery. You will find yourself in the future where you are going to travel in the year 2102! In addition to a super exciting escape room you can take a look into the world of virtual reality and fight against your friends.


GLOW Eindhoven | November 10 until 1

Eights days of light art. During the light festival GLOW, the city centre transforms into one enormous open-air museum. With spectacular projections and conceptual installations, artist show light in all its forms. Put on your warm coat and go for an evening stroll along all the different projects and enjoy a delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Diverse locaties

Arrival of Sinterklaas | November 17

Sinterklaas and his Pieten will traditionally arrive in Eindhoven by steamship. Like every year, it will be quite a celebration. Children and their parents are welcome at Kanaaldijk Noord. In good tradition, lots of activities will be planned to get everybody in a festive mood until Sint and his Pieten arrive.


During the light festival GLOW, the city centre transforms into one enormous open-air museum.

GLOW Eindhoven

De Mega Sint Show | November 19

The Mega Sint Show is coming back to Eindhoven and it will be a great party with an exciting story. Don’t forget to practice the biggest hits of Party Piet Pablo so you can sing along during the show.


Mad Science | November 24 and 25

The professors, discoverers and inventors from Mad Science will be taking over the Philips Museum. This promises to be an incredibly interesting event with spectacular experiments, terribly tense demonstrations and surprising activities. The Mad Scientists have just one mission: to get children interested in science and technology in a fun and exciting way.

Philips Museum

Pepernoten Pieten Party | November 24

Put on your most beautiful pieten suit and sing and dance along to the Pepernoten Pieten Party. Make sure your stomach is empty because there is plenty of candy for everyone!