6 of the best Cocktail bars

People in Eindhoven sure do love a drink. You can order beer, wine and soft drinks almost anywhere, but what if you feel like having a nice cocktail? With summer fast approaching,  we would like to share with you where to go in Eindhoven to quench your thirst. Cheers!

Skybar VANE
We start with the place for cocktails in the city center: VANE. The menu of this skybar is put together by the best female bartender in the world: Tess Posthumus. The signature cocktails, with names such as the Postduif (pigeon) and the Windhaan (weather vane), are unique and surprising. Outside on the terrace of VANE they have super comfy lazy chairs waiting for you, but a snack and drink at one of the high tables is also an option.

The Little One Bar
Not surprisingly, this bar is quite small. How small? Well, with 25 to 30 persons, you’re done. The Little One is not only popular because of its special interior or because it is one of the oldest buildings in the city, but also because a good time is guaranteed. They love to prepare one of the many tasty cocktails on the menu for you. A must visit if you ask us.

La Cantina
La Cantina is a pop-up cocktail bar on the second floor of Cuban salsa café Santiago de Cuba. Santiago de Cuba started this temporary bar together with the Gorilla Cocktail Company. The emphasis is on rum, both in the classics and in contemporary mixes. The most striking cocktail is La Hoguera, served in a coconut. Enjoy a cocktail and show your salsa moves!

The menu of this VANE is put together by the best female bartender in the world: Tess Posthumus

Bar Bistro Calypso
As offered on their menu: on Saturday and Sunday mornings you are welcome at Calypso to fight your hangover with a Bloody Mary. Of course you can also go there at night for a classic Gin & Tonic. Another striking cocktail on the menu is St. Germain, with the liquor of elderflower and spumante or soda water. Finally, we advise you to also try the seaweed gin. Ok, it's not a cocktail, but the name does make us curious.

De MiniBar
They call themselves the best cocktail bar in Eindhoven. It is up to you to test this claim! They know their classics, but they are also happy to surprise you with a drink they came up with. Want to try mixing? Also possible at the Minibar! You can follow a workshop with your friends, family or colleagues during which you will learn more about the art of cocktails. Tip: Keep an eye on their facebook page. They often organize fun parties.

Bobby’s Bar
You will find Bobby's Bar, formerly known as Berlin, just a stone's throw away from the MiniBar. At Bobby's Bar, you are at the right place if you love Gin & Tonic. With the very extensive offer on the menu it becomes almost impossible to choose! Bobby's Bar also provides tastings, workshops, and special Gin & Tonic experiences.