6x Beginner's tips for the Lichtjesroute

Like every year, 18 September marks the start of the Lichtjesroute. For 3 weeks, Eindhoven is beautifully lit up at night, by ornaments on a 22-kilometre route. Is this your first time? Let’s get you started with some beginner’s tips!

A little bit of history

The origin of the Lichtjesroute lies in the liberation of Eindhoven by the Allied Forces on 18 September 1944. In 1945, at the first commemoration of the liberation, a Party Lighting Committee was formed. The intention of the committee was to use light to enhance the celebration. The people of Eindhoven were asked to help light up their homes. Because materials were scarce so soon after the war, a candle in front of the window was the most obvious choice. Since then, the Lichtjesroute has slowly turned into the route we know today.

Burning hours

After the annual Fakkeldefilé (torch light show), the lightbulbs are traditionally lit on 18 September and burn until the second Sunday of October (this year 13 October) at 10.30 pm. Burning hours are from 19:00 to 22:30 pm from Sunday to Thursday and from 19:00 to 23:30 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Districts and themes

The Lichtjesroute runs for the most part through the districts of Stratum, Strijp and Woensel. There are various themes that are adapted to the surroundings. For instance, Halvemaanstraat always shows crescents and you’ll find constellations in Vaartbroek, where the street names come from Greek and Roman mythology. Like every year, you will find the Smurfs in Woensel, the absolute highlight of which is the duck pond

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