6x children's shops and toy stores

December is the perfect month to do some shopping for your little one(s). We have listed a number of fun and unique children's shops in Eindhoven for you, where both children and adults can have fun. Check it out!


In this store you find a wide range of colorful children's clothes. They sell unique and surprising collections, with great colors and prints. Perfect for the dark days before Christmas!

Hella’s Home

At Hella's Home you buy lovely home accessories, but most importantly: toys. Whether you are looking for an original crafting kit or split pins so your kid can make paper dinosaurs, there’s nothing you won’t find at Hella's Home.

Sissy Boy

The Sissy Boy kids collection is a colorful collection of clothes in different prints and fabrics. While you are busy shopping, the kids can have fun at the children's section of the store. And when you're done, what better way to enjoy a hot drink and a snack (and a great view) than at the Sissy Boy Daily café.

A colorful collection of clothes in different prints and fabrics.

Sissy Boy

De Vlinder

A great wooden toy store where the imaginative world of children comes to life. They sell all kinds of toys here. For indoor and outside, from 0 to 6+.

De Sprookjeskamer

De Sprookjeskamer will definitely make you smile! Everywhere you look there are polka dots, cute gifts, clothing, and fun stuff for your home. Fairy tales come to life in this magical store.

Kids Wonen

No matter what age, wooden toys will always be fun to play with. Wooden balance bikes, strollers, cargo bikes, doll carriages, rocking horses, they are all beautifully sanded, repaired, and painted in cheerful colors.