6x Eindhoven Maker Faire highlights

This weekend, 29 and 30 September, Strijp-S will be all about Eindhoven Maker Faire. In the Klokgebouw, dozens of makers will showcase their projects and you can participate in all kinds of creative and innovative workshops. Enjoy two days of a varied program for young and old, from 3D printed robots to designing VR games. Look out for these six highlights!

Humanoid robots

Not a stranger to the Maker Faire, this year Freerk Wieringa brings his latest project Mad Rex: a huge humanoid robot controlled by an exoskeleton (external skeleton). When the user moves the exoskeleton, the giant robot copies the movements. A large group of InMoov builders also show new 3D printed and talking robots.

Crazy cars

No shortage of vehicles at the Maker Faire. Discover the AMI6, an intrusive Citroën with a good dose of positivism. This car can dance, fly and swing. Or take a look at the Eindhoven Crazy Parade, a festive parade of homemade, crazy vehicles. You will find technical delights in steering, locomotion or construction, but also in amazing sustainable, artistic, conceptual and decorative designs and inventions.

Enjoy two days, from 3D printed robots to designing VR games.

Program yourself out of an escape room

One of the highlights of this Maker Faire is the escape room of NXP. Lock yourself inside the time machine and solve cryptic puzzles in order to escape. Programming is a big part of the experience. Would you like to know more about this project? We spoke with Eindhoven maker Lex van Gijsel. "Experience in programming is not necessary. By doing the tasks, you learn what programming entails."

Creative with 3D

Check out the objects of E-Nable, a community that prints 3D hands and arms for those in need. At The Bobbleshop you get the chance to make a 3D scan of your face, after which you can order a 3D figure of yourself. Want more? Vertico developed a 3D printer that can print houses.

Animals from waste materials

This year, artist Jelle de Graaf brings life-size robots and animals made from waste materials to the Maker Faire. An eye-catcher during this edition is the Robot Wars battle bot, a 20-year old robot that participated in competitions such as Robot Wars and Battlebots.

Outdoor activities

In front of and behind the Klokgebouw you will discover so much more. Sustainable projects, a taste truck, the Eindhoven Crazy Parade and even a steampunk village of Steampunk Objective, full of spectacular machines and inventions. You can also view and learn a number of crafts here. As an extra, you will find the FeelGood Market on Ketelhuisplein on Sunday.