6x family activities in Eindhoven

The summer holiday has arrived and there is plenty to do in Eindhoven, even in these high temperatures! To help you, we have gathered six summer activities for the entire family.​

Glowgolf Eindhoven

The Glowgolf in Eindhoven has 18 holes that are filled with awesome decoration, obstacles and science fiction parts. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with the family. The game gets even more challenging when you use the special 3D glasses.

Klimcentrum Neoliet-Noord en Zuid

Not afraid of heights? Go and pay a visit to the climbing centre of Neoliet. Here, you learn to climb some of the highest climbing walls. Fun for all ages!

Bowling Centre Eindhoven

Why not go bowling? Compete against your relatives and see how many strikes you can throw. The loser treats to ice cream! :)


Do you like a thrilling adventure? Go to Escaperoom040. The escape room offers several rooms that are suitable for kids. Challenge yourself and look for all the right answers so you can eventually escape from the room.

The Ir. Ottenbad

Dive in to the pool of the Ir. Ottenbad to cool off! Join one of many activities, such as the water festival on Wednesdays or aquarobics classes, or go wild on one of the waterslides.

Prehistoric Village

Travel back in time and experience six era’s, from the prehistoric ages tot the late medieval times, in PreHistorisch Dorp (Prehistoric Village). Find out how the Romans lived, meet militant Batavians, visit farmers from the Iron Age and go on a hunt!

This article has been compiled in collaboration with Kidsproof Eindhoven.

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