6x Spots For Some Hot Chocolate

Winters in Eindhoven can be quite cold, so here's a list of the city's best places to get hot chocolate and keep you warm all season.

Het Koffiehuisje

The almost picturesque Koffiehuisje is located in the Philipsdorp. Besides coffee, they also sell hot chocolate. Go for the one with regular milk or replace it with oat, soy, almond or coconut milk. Something else to satisfy your chocolate craving? Try some of the homemade delicacies, such as the beetroot chocolate cake. Not only delicious, but also a treat for the eyes.

Coffeelab Strijp-S

We continue this chocolate journey at Strijp-S district. You used to be able to get it at Onder de Leidingstraat, nowadays it goes by the name Coffeelab Strijp-S. There, a hot chocolate is a little bit different, but extra tasty; it’s the Tony Chocolonely Hot Chocolate. One of your favorite chocolate brands in liquid state. Do you prefer drinking your warm cup of heaven without milk? Opt for the equally tasty vegan variant.

Meneer de Boer

Meneer de Boer on the Keizersgracht offers delicious breakfasts all day, everyday. The menu is some sort of secret, but what we do know is that everything on it is delicious. Some time ago they offered the white Callebaut chocolate with coconut and soy milk. So, who knows what kind of deliciousness in hot chocolate form they serve now?

Meneer De Boer

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