6x Spring Break Activities for Kids

During and around spring break there are plenty of things to do in the city that are not only fun for children, but for the whole family. Check out these 6 tips for a fun day out in Eindhoven!


Carnival parade | March 2

During Carnival Eindhoven changes into ‘Lampegat’ and the city turns into an orange-blue fiesta. A carnival parade and a children's carnival parade will travel through the city centre. For 5 days, the whole city is dedicated to Carnival and there are many nice activities for young and old. Check our events calendar for more events.

Several locations

The Verkleedkoffer | March 3

Exploring is fun! A happy little man dreams of going out into the wide world to become something else rather than sitting in his father's office all day. He goes on an adventure with a large suitcase and learns more about what he would like to become. The Verkleedkoffer takes you on a journey through a cheerful show with humor, mime, mask play and live music. Dutch spoken.

Arno’s Theater

Vakantiekriebels bij CKE | March 4 until 8

During spring break, from Wednesday 6 to Friday 8 March, CKE organises Vakantiekriebels: a three-day project for creative children from 7 to 12 years old. Dutch Spoken.

CKE Eindhoven

Carnival in Eindhoven

Museum Kids Factory | March 4 until 10

During the Museum Kids Factory kids can actively get to work with technique. Experimenting with electronics, soldering, 3D printing and drawing, virtual reality, discovering how an electronic circuit works, or… playing with the Philiform building blocks of Philips in the 70s.

Philips Museum

Yuki and the course of the disappearing artworks | March 6

The Van Abbemuseum is threatened with the disappearance of images, and the colours of the paintings are fading. It seems the artworks are cursed. To save the artworks the museum asked the Japanese Manga-Girl Yuki to help. Yuki has ancient powers that can expel the curse. You can help Yuki to achieve this! Can you get enough points to expel the curse?

Van Abbemuseum

Peppa Pig - Verrassingsfeest | March 10

New sing-along songs, swinging dance-along numbers, frolicking piggie humor and big mud puddles. Peppa Pig, known from Nickelodeon, returns to the Parktheater with her friends. This new family musical is one big party. Dutch spoken.

Parktheater Eindhoven

This article has been compiled in collaboration with Kidsproof Eindhoven.