7 original kids’ parties in Eindhoven

Looking for a fun, exciting and original kids’ party in Eindhoven? From climbing to escaping from an escape room: Check out our tips for a fun day!

Muziekfabriek Eindhoven
Are you a born pop star or have you always wanted to be a DJ? Then take your party to the Muziekfabriek. Learn how to mix and spin and how to hit the highest notes. Create your own musical instrument and feel like a rockstar for a day!

Klimcentrum Neoliet-Noord & Zuid
Do you want to experience something really adventurous together with your friends? Go climbing at the Neoliet climbing centre! Learn how to climb the highest walls. Besides climbing, you can also visit the centre for a fun treasure hunt and other activities.

Paviljoen Op Noord
A sporty group of kids? Then you've come to the right place at Paviljoen Op Noord! Have fun with many different games such as a hexathlon, a GPS tour, catapult shooting, and climbing.

Climb the highest walls!

Neoliet Klimcentrum

De Sprookjeskamer
An enchanting party at the Sprookjeskamer. Here you can choose from different kinds of parties. Go for a photo shoot, decorate your own photo frame and dress up as a real princess. Or pick a cake workshop where you can bake your own cake, decorate it yourself and then, of course, eat the whole thing.

Glowgolf is all about adventure. You play miniature golf in an amazing fluorescent setting, which makes it even more adventurous. From science fiction and spaceships to the Jurassic zone, you'll come across it all along the way. With the special 3D glasses, the experience is even more fun: the floors, walls and scenery pieces seem to get depth and the game becomes even more challenging.

Escapeloods Eindhoven
Travel through space! Step into the spaceship with your friends and solve the mystery. You're in the future, in the year 2102. Besides a super exciting escape room you can also enter the world of virtual reality and battle your friends.

De Ontdekfabriek
In this old factory you will experience fantastic adventures. Watch a cool feature film, indulge in all the games and start building inventions. Drink as much lemonade as you like and eat your belly full of tasty poffertjes and crispy sausage rolls.

Building your own inventions.

De Ontdekfabriek

This article has been compiled in collaboration with Kidsproof Eindhoven.