7 rainy day activities in Eindhoven

It's raining outside, but you still want to leave the house. Luckily Eindhoven offers plenty of indoor activities! Check out our tips of places where you can enjoy a warm and dry day in the city.

Outsmart an escape room

Do you have nerves of steel, sharp senses, common sense, and a good dose of self-confidence? Gather your friends and family and go for mystery and excitement in one of the Eindhoven escape rooms. Our tip: Visit Strings of Life, the first Augmented Reality escape room in the Netherlands, which can be played in the Effenaar. In Strings of Life you will encounter two well-known mysteries from the music history of pop artists; the 27 Club and the death of Elvis...

Visit a museum

A rainy afternoon is ideal for a visit to one of the Eindhoven museums. In down town Eindhoven, for example, you will find one of Europe’s leading museums for contemporary art: the Van Abbemuseum. The Philips Museum offers visitors the possibility to experience the history of Philips. Discover the ingenuity that characterizes DAF vehicles, from 1928 to present day, in the DAF Museum or come take a look at the biggest prizes from club history and experience red and white in an interactive way during your visit to the PSV Museum.

Order a fall beer

Take a seat in one of the Eindhoven breweries or cafés and enjoy a heart-warming fall beer and a tasty brewer's snack or Shepherd's Pie. Cheers!

Here you will find one of Europe's leading museums for contemporary art

Van Abbemuseum

Practice your bowling skills

You can find the largest bowling alley of the Netherlands in Eindhoven. With 33 bowling lanes you can become a real pro. Compete against your friends or family while enjoying a drink and a snack. It’ll make you forget all about the bad weather!

Enjoy a day at the spa

Spend an entire day at the spa to warm up and relax completely. Enjoy a day for yourself and clear your mind in one of the Eindhoven spa’s. By the end of the day you will feel fully rejuvenated.

Plan a movie night

Fancy a night out? Going to the movies is always a good idea, order a large bucket of popcorn and pick your favorite film! Catch new releases, blockbusters and cult classics at one of the Eindhoven cinemas.

Experience virtual reality at Strijp-S

Rent a VR-Room at Enversed to enjoy an afternoon with your friends or family in the biggest VR-Center in Europe. Put on your VR glasses and headset and enter a completely different world. From vertigo experiences to thrilling shooters to grilling hamburgers together. Perfect for the true action and adventure lovers, as well as less experienced players.

Put on your VR glasses and headset and enter a completely different world