7x Activities at The Discovery Factory

At The Discovery Factory at Strijp-S, children learn how to invent in a playful way and experience fantastic adventures. Ideal for a rainy Wednesday afternoon or a birthday party on Saturday. Check out these 7 fun activities!

The Scraphoek

In the scraphoek, children are able to unscrew all kinds of old devices. They can use the separate parts to build their own inventions, and add them to their own film in the magical green screen studio!

The Magic Air Cushion Box

Did you know that air is actually very strong? And you can literally float on a layer of air? Children learn it in a playful way by floating through the garden of the Beestenbende, even when it is flooded. Let them experience it inside the magic air cushion box!

Vacuum forming

What is your kid’s favorite animal? Let them create their own animal mask by using a real vacuum forming machine. 

Bernoeli the Elephant

Remember Lego and Meccano? Get ready for a bigger size. Infento has invented a modular kit with which families can build life-size games together. Use it to make an elephant who can keep a ball in the air by using his trunk!

Play boxes

Are your kids a bit too small for the workshops at The Discovery Factory? Let them enjoy themselves in the creep-through play boxes, full of building blocks, toys, and marble tracks.

Making and watching films

Draw your own cartoon and play it with a special device: the praxinoscope! Or step into the green screen studio and try out special effects... Do you prefer watching a movie? The Discovery Factory plays a feature film and an animation film a couple of times a day.

Outdoor games

Weather permitting, the Discovery Factory also offers a lot of fun outdoor activities, such as swinging, building huts and wagons, and shooting water rockets.

Please note: the offer of The Discovery Factory varies. The 7 activities as mentioned above are not always available. Check the website for the full offer, including workshops, children's parties, school trips and company events!

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