7x Celebrating 75 years of Freedom

On 18 September 1944, the Allied Forces entered Eindhoven and liberated one of the first cities in the Netherlands from the German occupation. This year, quite a few events are organized to celebrate and remember 75 years of freedom. Take a look at the offer.

Operation Market Garden | 14 September

Operation Market Garden was one of the largest allied operations of the Second World War. On Saturday September 14, a historical parade will pass through Eindhoven. Hundreds of vehicles drive (approximately) the same route from Belgium to Veghel as the Allies in 1944.

Various locations

Lecture: Vrijheid is niet vanzelfsprekend (Freedom comes not naturally) | 18 September

Rotterdam native Rien van Elderen was deported to Germany for the Arbeitseinsatz on 10 November 1944. Based on the experiences of his family, his son Frans tells us about the Second World War: from the bombing of Rotterdam to the liberation; about D-Day, Operation Market Garden, ‘Dolle Dinsdag’, the raids that followed, and the journey of his father, 'song writer' Rien, as a forced laborer. Dutch spoken.

TU/e Campus: Auditorium, Blauwe Zaal

Fakkeldefilé | 18 September

Every year on September 18th, Eindhoven commemorates the liberation by the American 101st Airborne Division and the Second British Army with the Fakkeldefilé, a torchlight show in the city center. The liberation fire, picked up by cyclists in Bayeux, is taken from the 18 Septemberplein to the Stadhuisplein. This is done with an impressive parade of veterans, army vehicles, various bands, and sports clubs. The parade is also the official start of the Lichtjesroute.

Various locations

Lichtjesroute | 18 September until 15 October

The 22 kilometre-long Lichtjesroute traditionally burns from 18 September to mid-October, and is characterized by images of remembrance and freedom, combined with current subjects and characteristic Eindhoven objects. Jump on your bike or in your car and drive through a beautifully lit up city.

Various locations

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