7x Coffee To Go

Freshly roasted beans, latte art, and barista love: your cup of coffee doesn't taste the same at home. Don't worry! From Strijp-S to the city center, these seven coffee spots serve your favorite coffee to go!

Bean Brothers

Do you miss the black gold of the Bergstraat? Then you're in luck! Bean Brothers is partly open for you to enjoy a good cup of coffee. At the roasting house, you can score a coffee-to-go or a bag of roasted beans. Want to stay in? Take a look around in their webshop


Of course, you miss that first cup of coffee on the way to work, but CoffeeLab comes up with a solution: survival packets. Lunch, coffee, and pastry (banana bread!), all to enjoy to-go. Both on central and at Strijp-S. 

Vascobelo V-bar

At the Vascobelo V-bar, the baristas give you a warm welcome on the outdoor terrace with, of course, your favorite cup of coffee. If you pass by, order one of the coffees with the classic breakfast snack: the croissant. 


Maybe you already recognized Lucifer's takeaway window at Kleine Berg. If you haven’t spotted it yet, it's a highly recommended place to safely get your hands on a good cup of coffee. The baristas make delicious cappuccinos, americanos, and lattes with as much love as usual. Complete your order with some cake and other delicacies from the menu. 

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