7x Eindhoven Dinner On a Budget

Are you looking for a place in Eindhoven where you can dine on a dime? Whether a three course dinner or a lunch, at these 7 restaurants you can have it all for a very affordable price.

Spaans Centrum (Spanish Centre)

Lovers of Spanish cuisine can indulge themselves at the Spanish Centre. The space is reminiscent of a noisy canteen, but the food, the vino tinto, and the atmosphere let you wander off to a Mediterranean place. Sit down on a plastic chair and enjoy your evening. 


Just in the center of Eindhoven, you will find Takumi, a restaurant that specializes in authentic Sapporo noodles. Order your noodles in your favorite broth and slurp them with a Japanese lemonade on the side. Are you a real noodle fanatic? No problem! There’s no lack of variety: every month they present a new, affordable, special!

‘t Rozenknopje

‘t Rozenknopje, de Rozenknop or het Knopje, whatever you call it at this café you can eat for a low price and get among the locals. In the relaxed atmosphere of this so-called living room you are always welcome to join for lunch or dinner.

Dishes for an affordable price

't Rozenknopje

Trafalgar Pub

The Trafalgar Pub is Eindhoven famous for its hospitality and relaxed atmosphere. On the menu, you find a number of British dishes, including Fish n’ Chips and Shepherd’s Pie, and a wide range of (specialty) beers. Tasty and affordable!


Having a hard time choosing where or what to eat? Then try some dishes from the menu at Famous American Bistro (FAB). Their snacks & sharing menu has all kinds of dishes that are easy to combine. In this way, you can taste something new every time for a small fee.

Try all the snacks and bites of the menu


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