7x Festive Dinners Made to Order

The holiday season is upon us! What's on the menu this year? Let the local chefs spoil you with Michelin star dinners, homemade delicacies, and a great selection of wine. These are seven festive dinners made to order!


Adrian Zarzo has a total of three restaurants, a wine bar, and a luxury dinner made to order for the holidays. With Zarzo's menu, consisting of four courses, you will impress yourself and everyone at the table. This Michelin star dinner will be complete with oysters, caviar, and a good glass of wine in addition.


At Dijk9 they are happy to lend you a hand, but they always make sure that you will have the honors. That's why they introduce a special 'home-cooking menu' for the holidays. The Dijk9 Christmas menu includes four courses, amuses, and of course the world-famous instruction videos. P.S. you can order the menu for New Year's Eve as well! 

Stadsrestaurant Welp

You can also order Christmas dinner at Welp. In addition to the four-course menu, you will get a sweet surprise, original Welp Christmas hats, and the link to their festive playlist for the ultimate at-home experience. Want to take Christmas dinner to the next level? Then ask for matching wines or extend your order with luxury bites.

Lucie Cocina

Would you like to enjoy Mediterranean atmospheres during the holidays? Then order the Christmas box by Lucie Cocina. Inside you will find all kinds of Spanish tapas dishes including hot and cold delicacies. A small foretaste: tortillas and sardines accompanied by two lovely bottles of wine. Good news: you can order this box already!

Thym by Parkzicht

It’s like going out for dinner! Restaurant Thym provides not one, not two, but three boxes for a successful dinner during the holidays. The first two boxes are filled with delicacies such as the Thym truffle cream and pesto by Duurzame Kost. Home-cooking chefs get ready for the last box because it’s ‘Thym to Cook’. 

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