7x Good Noodles

There’s an infinite number of preparations of noodles in Eindhoven alone. Find new flavors in traditional noodle dishes. Slurp or enjoy steaming hot noodle soup and Japanese ramen in silence. Haven’t found your ultimate noodle dish yet? Then try out one of the next seven noodles restaurants in the city!

XU Noodle Bar

At XU Noodle Bar, they start preparing their fresh noodles and broths early in the morning. This freshness conceals an intense taste. Looking for a richly filled noodle soup with real Chinese flavors? Then XU is the place to be. And while you’re at it, also try the dumplings or the ebi tempura as a cheeky side dish. A final tip: there’s a veggy or vegan alternative for everything on the menu. 

Takumi Ramen Noodles

Takumi has finally settled in Eindhoven. If you’re able to understand Japanese, the name already reveals what they serve: authentic sapporo noodles. Under the red bright neon lights you can enjoy noodles in shio, shoyu and miso broth, while enjoying a typical Japanese lemonade called Ramune. Keep an eye on Takumi, as they also serve a monthly special. 


Ready to slurp? Luckily you’re allowed to at Dadawan. In this fusion restaurant the culinary styles of Europe and Asia come together. Taste the combination in one of the ramen dishes. You’re at the right place when you’re craving a homemade noodle soup filled with seaweed and fresh vegetables.  


Forget everything you know about noodles and go to Vietnamama at the Down Town Gourmet market. At Vietnamama you can eat noodles in a unusual kind of way: in a salad. The flavors, as well as the names of the dishes, will put a smile on your face: The ‘ideal son-in-law’ with beef, ‘the pink temptation’ with shrimp or ‘delicious fat’ with pork. Prefer something hot? Then opt for the Pho with beef called ‘mama’s love’.

Takumi Ramen

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