7x Museums & Artspaces

Not an endless listing, but a compact overview with a broad spectrum of museums. From a football empire to digital art, there is something for everyone. So, where lie your interests? Take a look at this overview of seven museums in Eindhoven. 

Prehistoric village

Ready to travel back in time while being out in nature? At the Prehistoric village you will be taken on a journey through 15,000 years of history. Jump from era to era with augmented reality, listen to the online audio tour via the app or roll up your sleeves for historical activities such as archery, tree trunk canoeing and pottery. Experience different times in the farmhouses and half-timbered houses and taste the medieval atmosphere in the tavern. Open from the end of March till the end of October.

Philips Museum

Go back in time and immediately travel to the future. Discover how Eindhoven and Philips are inextricably linked and learn how a small factory town has grown into a big city at the Philips Museum. At the location of the first light bulb factory you will find the entire history of the company; from a small Eindhoven-based factory to world player in electronics. In the permanent exhibition and the complementary changing exhibitions you can dive into historical products and innovations.

Discover modern art in the Van Abbemuseum

Van Abbemuseum

Not only the large collection of modern art, but also the experimental character of the Van Abbemuseum will leave an impression on you. Ask questions about current topics such as art and society, together with the museum. Gain new insights from the carefully selected exhibitions and join the discussion during film screenings and book presentations. The surprising combination of new pieces and permanent works by Picasso, Kandinsky, El Lissitzky and Mondriaan make the Van Abbe a must-visit museum.

DAF Museum

The old village square with shops, a cozy cafe, the garage and a replica of the Van Doorne's office will take you back to the thirties. From Van Doorne's Automotive Factory to DAF, the ingenuity of the technical developments can be seen in the collection of trucks, trailers and passenger cars. The DAF Museum was officially reopened on 8 November. During the recent expansion, more space was made available for the highlights, gradually bringing you back to the present.

PSV Museum

The Philips Stadium is located on the Frederiklaan, where PSV was founded more than a hundred years ago. In the museum you follow the journey from a sports club for employees of Philips to an internationally renowned football club. In an interactive way, special memorabilia, video images and sound fragments take you back to the success of those days. Expand your visit with a stadium tour, take a seat in the dressing room and enter the sacred grass on which the club is still making history.

MU Artspace: digital art, design, popculture and new media

MU Artspace

Combine the curiosity of MU and creators and you will find yourself in an undefined space about what art is and what art can be. The work of new talents is an adventurous mix of digital art, design, pop culture and new media. In modern art presented by MU, current and political issues are a central theme. Be open to the merging of different perspectives and engage in a visual transition.

Ton Smits House

This may be an odd one, but is still worth mentioning; the Ton Smits House. In the former studio house you will find the work of the artist called Ton Smits. His paintings and pencil sketches, together with his original cartoons for American newspapers and magazines, form the basis of the museum collection. In changing exhibitions, other artists get to be in the spotlight. Let yourself be carried away by Ton Smits’ artistic legacy with a creative twist. 

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