7x Thrift Stores & Second-Hand Shops

A new season has arrived! That means the annual spring cleaning is coming up. So, are you looking for second-hand, vintage, or retro (clothing) items that deserve some new love? Now is the time to book an appointment at the following thrift stores and second-hand shops!


The Edisonstraat also has a location for second-hand items, namely Karoesell. Fun fact: you can both buy items and drop off your old ones. They will help you find a new destination for your old stuff!  

De Grootste Bazaar

De Grootste Bazaar is one of the largest thrift stores in Eindhoven, hence the name. They really do have everything: from records to board games and from clothing to furniture. In short: an excellent place to snoop around. 




In addition to the large thrift stores, you can also look in other corners for second-hand items. An example is Urban Shopper. There the store named Brokaatje has established itself with a lot of nostalgia, second-hand of course. A fantastic stop for furniture, clothing, and Philips memorabilia. 


LOADS040 is a known spot for vintage, retro, antique, and bric-a-brac, located at the Aalsterweg. The former metal warehouse has been transformed into a playground where creative entrepreneurs showcase their best finds: from (neon) lighting to fine furniture. 

Second Floor

Second Floor sells a little bit of everything: from second-hand clothes to handpicked vintage pieces. The pig sign is worth a mention: this building used to be home to a butcher. 

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