8 DDW design areas

Dutch Design Week is back in Eindhoven. More than 2600 designers offer you an overview of the latest in design this week. Did you know that the city consists of eight design areas? Here you can read all about these hotspots and where to go to.

DDW distinguishes itself from other design events with a strong focus on design for the future. Exceptional attention each year goes to work and development of young talent. Innovation, experiment and crossovers: in every design area you will find a combination of these elements.


Strijp-S is an absolute hotspot during DDW. Visit Mind the Step and other exhibitions in the Klokgebouw and see how design, thanks to research and technology, plays an important role in the society of the future. The impressive Veemgebouw also provides a stage for young talent and innovative ideas. On the Ketelhuisplein you will find various exhibitions, DDW Music acts and fancy food concepts.

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Join the daily DDW Live in the Klokgebouw. Listen to talk shows, radio, lectures and presentations and be inspired by fascinating guests.


Strijp-T is a breeding ground for high-tech makers and also during DDW innovation and design come together here. Visit the Innovation Powerhouse, the former Philips power plant, for the Embassy of Health and the exhibition Chronic Health: If not us then who? At Strijp-R, Piet Hein Eek will show his new collection like every year and interesting exhibitions of other design talents will be organized throughout the area.  

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The recordings of VPRO De Toekomstbouwers will take place on Sunday, Monday and Friday. Wilfried de Jong will talk to eight young designers who will help shape our future. It is possible to attend the recordings in the Innovation Powerhouse.

The absolute hotspot during DDW



During DDW, the designers of the Hallenweg open their doors. Design label Vij5 explores the boundaries of crowdfunding with Kies Kleur. Just a stone's throw away is the church of Atelier NL, where you will find their special collection of ceramics and glass. It also hosts the Embassy of Water this year.

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Spend the night in Hotel Insomnia, just a few minutes walk from the Hallenweg. The project plays with the concept of 'hotel' and questions the meaning of a temporary accommodation in an era of Airbnb and in a time where the sharing economy seems to be the solution to all our problems.  


A discarded petrol station, right at the Markt in Eindhoven, as a metaphor for changing energy consumption. THANK YOU FOR THE SUN lets you take a new look at energy. In the Warehouse of Innovation, the former V&D building, Modebelofte shows you the forefront of young fashion designers. On the VDMA site you will see Dave Hakkens and his team working on Precious Plastic. And since you already are in the city center, don't forget to take a look at the Catharinakerk...

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Join the Social Design Debate in TAC on Wednesday. The event is prequelled by a talk between DWW ambassador Ravi Naidoo and Anna Noyons.


In recent years, the former Philips Lab Plan-B has developed into a creative hotspot in industrial area De Hurk. Kiki & Joost's Alter Ego exhibition highlights their different talents as sculptors, gardeners, treasure hunters, composers, social activists, parents, crazy professors, painters, bakers and poets: different characters and points of view that feed their inspiration. Plan-B also features the work of some thirty other designers, from established names to young talent.

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Plan-B is not in walking distance from the city centre, but a free Renault taxi will take you there in ten minutes. Get on at one of the taxi ranks: Lichtplein, City Hall, Klokgebouw and Piet Hein Eek. Bookings by phone: 040 218 00 00. Or grab a bike! You can rent ABN AMRO bicycles at Ketelhuisplein, Design Perron/Dutch Invertuals or at Lichtplein. Free for DDW ticket holders, while stocks last! Rent a bike without a DDW ticket for € 10,-.


The Campina site is the newest location of DDW! Here you will find the Graduation Show of Design Academy Eindhoven and the exhibition ROBOT LOVE, about the love between humans and robots. Designer collective Envisions shows Wood in Progress, the sequel to the experimental collaboration with the Spanish wood manufacturer Finsa.

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Envisions and food stylist Naresh Ramdjas are hosting the Campina Dinners this year. On the first floor in the IJsfabriek you can enjoy a four-course menu at long tables, while enjoying the exhibition Wood in Progress.


At Sectie-C you will find various design studios, gardens, stages, exhibitions and laboratories. Collaborations between 180 creative entrepreneurs, artists and musicians make it a real DDW hotspot every year. A special experience is the audio tour of the designers of We Are who collaborated with a number of human rights defenders. The designers have immersed themselves in the work and life of the human rights activist and investigated how design can support their work.

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Food design studio THE EATELIER and chef PIPPENS experiment with 28 Grams of Happiness with happiness and how you can cultivate it through food. Every day they host an exciting and sensorial lunch and dinner.


On the eastern edge of the city centre you will find several hotspots with designers. In the indoor courtyard garden of the Design Perron you can try out the outdoor furniture of LEAF the office. On the NRE site, you can visit the work of Alissa + Nienke, a materials research-based design studio with a unique interpretation of surface design. In Edhv's studio, Dutch Invertuals reflects on our human nature to strive for ‘more’ and offers experimental design concepts on shifting it to ‘less’, investigating what it means to ‘take away’.

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Join the DDW bike tour every day starting at the Brandstore Eindhoven/VVV on the Stationsplein. A guide will take you along the hidden gems of the Dutch Design Week.