8x Canal Zone Highlights

Strijp-S, De Bergen, and Woensel-West; Eindhoven has several dynamic districts, each with its own identity. New in the list is the Canal Zone (Kanaalzone), an area around the Eindhovens Kanaal that is in full transition. From the NRE site to De Caai, with the following highlights, you'll get to know the Canal Zone in no time!

PHOOD Kitchen

With Stadsoase de Zomertuin, PHOOD was able to turn all eyes on them, and still. Because it doesn't stop at cool events, especially with their expertise in the field of food, they manage to get almost a permanent spot in the spotlight. In the Ketelhuis located in De Caai, they only serve dishes with pure and local ingredients, provided by urban farms in the area. Want to know what's on the menu? Get a foretaste of their balanced menu online! 

Fifth NRE

It takes you about a fifteen minutes walk from the Eindhoven Central Station to Fifth NRE. A popular destination for coffee, lunch, or even a musical evening on the old NRE grounds. In 'building 5', there are five rooms with a theme of their own. For example, The Roast offers a good cup of coffee from in-house coffee roasters Sprout, The Main lends itself all day long for extensive dining while enjoying some jazz, and The Bar is a suitable place for a drink and a bite. Enjoy!

DAF Museum

Indispensable in this list is the DAF Museum. From 1928 to the present, DAF is renowned for its ingenuity, noticeable throughout the museum. Not only the developments in the field of vehicles are given a stage here, but the story from a small family business to an internationally known company gets one too. The exceptional collection of cars, trucks, and, of course, the engine gallery reflects the entrepreneurship of the company. 


Previously you found this (un)decided design museum in the center. Nowadays, you have to be in the Canal Zone for Onomatopee. In the building located on the Lucas Gasselstraat, space has been created for a shop, of course with their publications, its own working and printing space, and their well-known public space. The latter consists of several rooms where artists from various disciplines display their work in changing exhibitions. Our tip: the entrance is free, and you might want to stick around the shop for a while. 


Surrounded by, among others, Fifth NRE and creative collective Nul Zes, the Cyklist is highly recommended on the NRE terrain. Not only cycling enthusiasts are at home here, but all kinds of visitors know how to find this place. Between the collection of memorabilia, you can enjoy some red-hot snacks and an ice-cold beer. And did you happen to be looking for a place to rent a bike? Then this is the right place!

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