8x Cool Cocktail Bars

People in Eindhoven sure do love a drink. You can order beer, wine, and soft drinks almost anywhere, but what if you feel like having a nice cocktail? Margaritas, mojitos, and more, the following cocktail bars have it all. Cheers!

Skybar VANE

We start with the place for cocktails in the city center: VANE. Shaken or stirred, whichever way you drink your cocktail, the bartenders here know how to mix. Previously, this was the home of the best female bartender in the world: Tess Posthumus. Her signature cocktails ‘Postduif’ and ‘Windhaan’ now have a special place on the menu next to the other unique and surprising cocktails. Combine your drink with bites and enjoy them both inside and outside on the terrace for a view of Eindhoven.

The Little One Bar

Not surprisingly, this bar is quite small. How small? Well, with 25 to 30 persons, you’re done. The Little One is not only popular because of its special interior or because it is one of the oldest buildings in the city, but also because a good time is guaranteed. They love to prepare one of the many tasty cocktails on the menu for you. A must-visit if you ask us.

Bobby's Bar

You will find Bobby's Bar, formerly known as Berlin, on the Kleine Berg. At Bobby's Bar, you are at the right place if you love Gin & Tonic. With the very extensive offer on the menu, it becomes almost impossible to choose! Bobby's Bar also provides tastings, workshops, and special Gin & Tonic experiences. And a bonus! They now have two locations in Eindhoven.


At the end of Stratumseind, you will find the colorful hangout Ginscal. The name is a fusion of the two distilled drinks that are emphasized here: gin and the originally Mexican distilled drink mescal. There are over 400 cocktails on the menu, so you should definitely stop by for a cocktail or two. We would like to suggest to order some delicious Italian bites or even dinner to enjoy along with your drink. Can't choose? Owners Sara and Alex are happy to help you!


Thomas is known as that tropical hotspot with pink accents. Besides enjoying the interior, you can a taste of some of the best cocktails here. ‘Cocktail boss' Sten gives classic drinks a tropical Thomas twist. No clue what to go for? Then opt for the High Cocktail (inspired by the popular high teas)! This way you'll get three different dishes including a cheeseboard.

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