8x DDW Routes

Explore Dutch Design Week with one of the eight theme routes, curated by DDW and partners. Experience the work of talented young designers and the latest technical innovations. You can easily walk the routes via Google Maps or by jumping on one of the Hop-on Hop-off buses. Enjoy!

Digital Route

 ± 05 hours 00 mins

The Digital Route explores the boundaries of the digital and physical world by means of design and shows you what is happening on the cutting edge of creativity, technology and digitization. This route stops along several highlights such as the Klokgebouw and Veem at Strijp-S, the Van Abbe- and Philips Museum in the city center and Design Platform at the Fuutlaan.

Art & Collectibles Route 

± 05 hours 30 mins

The Art & Collectibles route gives you insight into the ecosystem of collectible design. Where do art and design meet? And how are they different? This route includes Dutch Invertuals and Kiki & Joost, who also star in our Unfold video 'Designing Art'!

HOW & WOW inside Veem at Strijp-S

Bio Design Route

± 06 hours 00 mins

The Bio Design route informs the visitor about the rapid developments in the field of Bio Design. Discover the difference between designing with nature and designing new nature. From fashion in Warehouse of Innovation to research at the Embassy of Water (Campina), and of course BioArt Laboratories, founded by DDW 2019 ambassador Jalila Essaïdi

Craft & New Materials Route

± 05 hours 30 mins

Through examples of material research and new craft techniques, the Craft & New Materials route takes you back to the essence of design. From ceramic works at Atelier NL to research into the use of plastic at Yksi expo.

Future Living Route

± 04 hours 30 mins

Are you wondering how we'll live in 2040? Then the Future Living Route is for you. Groundbreaking design concepts that push back traditional boundaries are presented in a route of 10 exhibitions, with big names like Piet Hein Eek, Elle Decoration, Renault, and Leolux.

Talent Route

± 07 hours 30 mins

Every year, Dutch Design Week is bursting with a new generation of designers, consisting of recent graduates and young talent from a broad spectrum of design disciplines. Part of this route is the Antenna Expo: 20 international design graduates, coming from 5 continents, ready to share their social solutions with you.

Social Design Route

± 05 hours 30 mins

On the Social Design route, designers investigate how we can create an inclusive society. How can design strengthen our social frameworks and increase awareness of social issues? Discover how design is used to answer issues regarding safety, inclusiveness, and loneliness.

Discover the 'future living' theme with Renault at Strijp-S

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