8x Tattoo Shops & Studios

Whether you find yourself in De Bergen, Woensel-West, or at Strijp-S, there is a tattoo shop in every Eindhoven district. Make an appointment and choose from creative designs created by local and international tattoo artists. Or show off your love for the city with the vibes in ink, as many others did before you. Whatever it is you’re looking for, this list provides you with a few favorite local tattoo shops and studios!

True Blue Tattoo

Big, small, realistic, or just in a traditional style, the oeuvre of True Blue Tattoo on the Willemstraat is talented, and so are the artists. Not only do locals like to come here, but also international tattoo artists know how to find this place. Nice fact: something they excel at is tattooing the vibes, better known as the official Eindhoven logo. 

Dragon Tattoo

For years tattoo fans have been able to find Dragon Tattoo. Not only because of their professional experience but also because of their craftsmanship. The team may consist of artists with different styles, but a great tattoo is guaranteed. Also, the perfect place to get a new piercing!

BlackBear Ink 

In the shop founded by Hanne and Kevin, you are always welcome. With regular tattoo artists as well as apprentices and changing guest artists, there is someone who can help you with your dream tattoo. And a bonus at this place: BlackBear Ink regularly holds flash days where you can get a tattoo of your favorite artist even faster.

Gold Tattoo 

With every new customer that comes in, Gold Tattoo pulls out all the stops. In that way, no two designs are the same. At the Bergstraat, the regular designers invite you to work together on your newest tattoo design. Whether it is your first one or your latest design in ink.

Get a tattoo or piercing at the Bergstraat

Gold Tattoo

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