8x Tips to Support Local Businesses

Are you sitting at home thinking of ways to support the Eindhoven entrepreneurs? We’ve got your back! From retail to hospitality, with the following eight tips, you can easily support the local businesses.

Order food from your favorite restaurants

We probably don't have to tell you this, but you can now enjoy your favorite restaurants every day at home. So, don't feel like cooking tonight or during lunch? From a Michelin dinner to a delicious quick bite, we've bundled the restaurants with home delivery & takeaway for you in a handy overview

Order via the restaurant

This one’s in addition to the previous tip. Have you found a restaurant where you want to order? If possible, order directly at the restaurant of your choice. Most restaurants have their own delivery service. Ordering for a takeaway is also possible. On the pages of the restaurants in our overview, we have already taken this into account. 

Shop online 

Also from home, you can support the Eindhoven stores by shopping online. In our overview filled with webshops, you will find local boutiques, specialty stores, and other hotspots. Is your go-to shop not listed? Then don't forget to check out their own social media channels, where you can shop by means of a DM (Direct Message) just like at Magda Boutique, Vintage Vêtements, and Eeden the Label.

Buy a gift voucher

Do you want to support local businesses, but actually don’t need anything? Then a gift voucher might be the solution. It’s both nice as a gift for someone or as a future credit to enjoy yourself. 

Shop your groceries locally 

Doing grocery shopping at the local entrepreneur is very profitable. Not only do the entrepreneurs have a lot of knowledge about their products, but their wares are also often fresher, more sustainable, and above all made or sorted with a bunch of love. A number of addresses in a row: local supermarket Liek as a replacement for the 'ordinary' supermarket, JokkMokk & Delicious Store for delicious bites, and for fresh bread, you’ve to stop by at the Stadsbakkerij Broodt or Bakkerij Hartogs.

Due to the coronavirus COVID-19, we will inspire you as much as possible with background stories and tips of things that you can do to experience Eindhoven in a safe way. More information on the measures in Eindhoven and the Netherlands can be found here.

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