9x Beer Spots and Breweries

Beer, beer, beers. From specialty beers to IPA's and from Eindhovens brewed to the good old lager. We have collected the following nine beer spots and breweries, just for you. Cheers!

Van Moll

Blonde, Tripel, Indian Pale Ale, some of Van Moll's brews. The brewers' enthusiasm for beer balances on the verge of madness and we can’t blame them. With a huge beer menu full of their own brews and guest beers, they have something for everyone.

Bier Professor

At this beer cafe called the Bier Professor, they know their beers. By now they serve around 250 different beers, so they will definitely have something you like.


The Stadsbrouwerij is located in the Oude Schellensfabriek where they brew around 25 of their own beers under the 100 Watt label. Among those beers is the heavy-dark beer called 150 Watt, also known as the best beer in the Netherlands. You can taste them all in the tasting room with matching appetizers!

Drinkers Pub

Again, there’s enough to choose from! With 1000 bottled beers and another 30 on tap, Drinkers Pub can rightly call itself a beer cafe. You are welcome seven days a week, for both a beer and some ultimate bar food.

From Eindhoven brews to a good old lager

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