9x Pizza Spots

Eindhoven is bursting with Italian influences and the ever-popular pizza is proof of that. Whether you go for a classic or a more contemporary slice, at one of the following restaurants and pizzerias you are bound to find your perfect pizza. Make sure to check out these nine pizza spots. 



In the Victoria Park, you'll find Martini's, a fine pizza place run by the Italian family Martini. With a view over Victoria park, you can enjoy authentic pizza with a modern touch. Fancy even more Italian food and drinks? Visit their restaurant Aperitivo on the other side of the building. 


Antonio's is an Italian gem on the Dommelstraat which is open seven days a week. The wall of fame is covered with photographs of celebrities who already found their way to this pizza place and the hospitable owner. So don't be surprised when Bruce Springsteen is enjoying some oven deliciousness at the table next to you.

Sugo Pizza

At Sugo Pizza on the Nieuwstraat, you can taste street food the Italian way: the pizza al taglio with Roman origins. Here you don't order a regular-shaped pizza, but they will cut off a rectangular slice with scissors. The menu consists of about fifty (healthy) varieties, of which fifteen are on display every day. Enough to choose from!


If there is a street where Italian cuisine is well represented, it is the Dommelstraat. In this pizza paradise, you order the all-time classics at Da Verdi, taste the flavor of Sicily at restaurant Sicilia, and try a richly filled calzone at L’Azzurro.


Because of the seasonal menu, you’re able to try a different pizza every time you pay a visit to Trattoria Mangiare on the Kleine Berg. Catch the sunlight on both the terrace, as well as in the inner garden or book a table inside of the nicely decorated restaurant. 


Sugo Pizza

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