9x Shopping in Downtown Eindhoven

Are you coming to Eindhoven to shop? Downtown not only offers you easy access to other shopping areas, but this central part of town also has plenty of shops of its own. From large retail chains to boutiques, these are our nine tips for shopping in downtown Eindhoven.

Fashion Stores

From the 18 September Square to the Rechtestraat, large retail shops have established themselves. In between, you'll also spot local fashion boutiques that make downtown an extra fun place to shop in. These are our recommendations.

Guts & Gusto
Trendy, hip, and affordable, the main components of Guts & Gusto’s success. If you go shopping here, don't forget to spot the Eindhoven vibes in soft pink on the window!

Marilot by Lotte
Are you looking for unique pieces that will last for years? Then Marilot by Lotte on the Vrijstraat is definitely worth a visit. This designer boutique is full of brands like Missoni, Nanushka, and Max Mara.

I love Depeche
In the Hooghuisstraat you will find several shops to shop for all different kinds of styles. At the top of our list is I Love Depeche. An Eindhoven store where Rock 'n Roll and lovely brands come together.

Downtown: a mix of large names and local boutiques

Household Names

The offer in the city center is very dynamic with no lack of newcomers, but there’s a handful of shops that have been a household name in Eindhoven for decades.

Not only is the building on the list of municipal monuments, with more than 45 years on the counter Rambam can certainly call itself an ultimate household name of Eindhoven. Are you looking for sustainable denim, then this is the place-to-be!

De Bijenkorf
With its 50th anniversary, de Bijenkorf is a highly recommended spot if you go shopping in downtown Eindhoven. Not only is the building designed by renowned architect Gio Ponti a stunner, but the changing shop windows are also works of art. Our tip: take the time to absorb everything this department store has to offer.

When speaking of household names in Eindhoven, Hema is the crowning glory. After about 90 years of thriving at the Rechtestraat, this Dutch icon moved to the 18 Septemberplein. As a result, the shop now has up to three floors of clothing, food, and other fun products.

Dille & Kamille: cozy, atmospheric, and full of gadgets!

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