9x Tips for a Perfect Easter

Spring is in full bloom and the Easter weekend is in sight. Got no idea what to serve at breakfast, brunch, or dinner this Sunday and Monday? Don't worry about it! We have listed nine tips for the perfect Easter weekend.


Van der Valk
Morning or afternoon, the brunch box by Van der Valk Hotel is delicious at any time. Included are sausage rolls, asparagus soup, chicken ragout, and cheesecake with red fruit. In short: delicious!

Jungle Café 
Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or brunch: the Easter menu of Jungle Café. When ordering here, you will get juice, a bagel, some yogurt, and home-baked sweets. The menu is vegan (plant-based), so ready to be enjoyed by anyone.

Anne & Max
Anne & Max
 got in the kitchen early to put together their own Easter box. And like us (and hopefully you), they are fans of a good brunch. We can’t wait to try their carrot cake, sandwiches, and more! 


Pinkie Patisserie
Continue reading at your own risk! Pinkies' pastries are crazy delicious, especially for holidays like Easter. From funky Easter eggs to pastel-colored pastries, their goodies will brighten up both you and your table. Don't know what to choose? Then order the Easter-themed high tea.

Groene Woud-ei
We can’t imagine an Easter without eggs. Whether you like them boiled, fried, or scrambled, the Groene Woud eggs are delicious in every form. The only thing that stands between you and these fresh eggs is the trip to the vending machine

Stadsbakkerij Broodt
Another recommendation is the fresh bread from Stadsbakkerij Broodt. Here, all kinds of baked goods are waiting for you: from croissants to currant buns and from their nut bread to some delicious quiches. You can pick them out yourself at the Smalle Haven.  


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