Bike tour: Nine hidden gems of the Dutch Design Week

The Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven is the largest design festival in Northern Europe, taking place from 20 to 28 October. Are you looking for the hidden gems? We have been told that these nine designers are definitely worth a visit. You can also visit these designers with the Hidden Gems bike tour, starting every day from Brandstore Eindhoven/VVV, right in the city center. Check below for more info. But first... the hidden gems of this year:​

Dorieke Schreurs - Research on sustainable paint

Dorieke is an artist, researcher and participant in the Talent Pressure Cooker of BioArt Laboratories. Central to her work is circularity. She is currently researching a bio-based and biodegradable alternative for the current acrylic paint for the creative sector. At the new location of BioArt Lab you can see the results of her research and the work of the other participants of the Talent Pressure Cooker.

Location: BioArt Laboratories, Oirschotsedijk 14

Naresh Ramdjas - Campina Dinners

Naresh is a food stylist, chef, designer and alumnus of the Design Academy Eindhoven. A few years ago he participated at DDW with Nareshtaurant, his graduation project, and since then he has been back every year. This time you can find him on two different spots on the Campina site, the new location of DDW where also the Graduation Show will be held. In collaboration with the designer collective Envisions he will serve delicious dishes in a unique setting. You can drop by for a snack or a drink downstairs or enjoy an exclusive dinner on the first floor of the IJsfabriek (reservation required).

Location: IJsfabriek, Campinaterrein

Bron van Doen - Social design

Bron van Doen is a design studio that focuses on social, economic and cultural issues, founded by Minsung Wang and Ron Krielen, both alumni of the Design Academy Eindhoven. They will present two projects at DDW: Uit de Buurtfabriek, a co-creation project to make quality furniture in a social workplace, and T-Slagerij, an initiative to create new products from textile waste.

Location: Yksi, Strijp-S (Torenallee 22)

A food stylist, chef, designer and alumnus of the Design Academy.

We Are: Design and human rights

We Are is a collective of eight designers. During DDW they will present their project We Are Human Rights, made by designers and Human Rights Defenders (people who stand up for human rights in the homeland and are therefore in danger). With an impressive audio tour you will be taken through the experience of the designers and the questions this evoked. What if the subject of your project cannot even share a photo online out of danger of persecution in his own country?

Location: Section-C, hall 14 (Daalakkersweg 14)

Sacha van den Haak: Image Archeology

Sacha van den Haak is an experimental graphic designer and spatial maker. In addition to his work commissioned for the cultural sector, he makes installations on everyday phenomena with a magical character. He asks himself questions about ownership, artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing and interaction with the public domain. Image Archeology is the meeting point of these interests. 

Location: Catharinakerk

LUME Traveler: Design of a caravan

Founder and creator of LUME Traveler Hein van de Laar had a dream: sleeping under the stars in a comfortable bed, cooking outside on a full-fledged stove, in the most beautiful spots in nature. This is how the LUME Traveler came into being. The Dutch-made caravan is relatively small and light, but equipped with a comfortable double bed, a full-fledged stove, a solar panel and a fully open panoramic roof.

Location: Piet Hein Eek, Strijp-R

installations on everyday phenomena with a magical character.

Photo by Tommy Köhlbrugge

Studio Os & Oos: Body of Work

Os & Oos in Eindhoven celebrates its fifth anniversary this DDW. Body of Work is an overview exhibition of their work, of current and older projects that have been important for the development of the studio. Since its foundation by Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen, Os & Ook has made several limited collectable designs and increasingly also interiors for the retail market in the Netherlands and abroad, such as the Ace & Tate store on the Nieuwe Emmasingel.

Location: TQ 1, Strijp-T (Achtseweg Zuid 157)

Future More Collective

Future More Collective is a collective of young designers from the Design Academy Eindhoven who are looking for collaboration with the industry. They investigate contemporary and future design issues that go beyond product design alone. During DDW they look at design from the perspective of mythology. Doesn't every designer make his own myth when creating new concepts? What if we reflect on old myths and translate them into future myths related to the design profession? Future Mythologies investigates the contemporary role of designers in a world of ever new technologies and social developments.

Location: Hotel Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne, Vestdijk 47

Rombout Frieling: Vertical Walking

Designer Rombout Frieling tries to find a solution for people for whom climbing stairs is no longer possible or is becoming an increasingly difficult. Vertical Walking is a new system to move, by your own means, between floors. The Eindhoven-based Jannie is the first user. Are you curious what Jannie’s experiences are and how she integrated the system into her home? You can visit her house during DDW. Check the site for more info or sign up for the bike tour.

Location: Jannies house, Picushof 228