Coronaproof Eindhoven

Want to visit Eindhoven for a day or booked a city trip? Maybe you're wondering how things work in the current situation. From booking to shopping, we will show you around in coronaproof Eindhoven!

Travel - Public Transport

Public transport is running according to normal timetables again. Do you need to make use of public transport? Here you can read everything you need to know about traveling.

Protective mask
A protective mask (non-medical) is compulsory on the train as well as on the bus. This does not apply to platforms and stops. Wear it over your mouth and nose and touch it as little as possible. After your journey, wash your hands thoroughly if possible or disinfect them, so you're good to go!

It’s not as busy in public transport as usual, but with the summer holidays in sight, this may increase. If it is busier than expected, feel free to wait for the next bus or train. Take a look at our public transport overview for handy apps to plan your trip. 

Do you have your protective mask on and it's not too crowded? Check! Then hop on. Normally you enter the bus at the front, now the middle/back door will open. On the bus, you are expected to leave as much space as possible between you and your fellow passengers. On the train, you keep the 1.5-meter distance where possible. For example by choosing a spot at the window. 

Bicycle rental
Cycling is great transportation while in the city. Want to rent a bike? This can easily be done in the cycle shed at the central station or ask for advice at Eindhoven Tourist Information. Whatever option you choose, your own safety comes first. 

Travel safely by public transport or rent a bike!


The shops have been open for some time now and this is possible thanks to the measures taken. Before you hit the shopping streets, we'll give you an insight into how things are going as of now. 

Shopping streets
Safety in the shopping streets is maintained by yellow lines on the ground and signs throughout the city. These lines in combination with textual indications serve as directions and reminders. On several days there are navigators walking around to help and steer! 

In the shop
The shopkeepers are looking forward to your visit! Different from store to store, the maximum number of customers is clearly indicated. In addition, each shop is equipped with a disinfectant gel at the entrance. Safety is also taken into account during checkout: at most checkouts, there are protective plates and you are supposed to pick up the receipt yourself. You can either pay with card or cash. The company will indicate its preference. 

Not a hundred percent comfortable with shopping yet? Don't worry! Shop online using our overview of Eindhoven webshops. Here you will find all the shops located in the city. 

Shop safely with our tips.


From booking an overnight stay to reserving a table. Restaurants, cafes, and hotels are open, but what are the current rules? Below you will find our compact hospitality guide. 

Eindhoven is the place to be for both a quick bite and an extensive dinner. Keep in mind to reserve a table in time and in advance. In most places, this can be done online or by phone call. It is not compulsory to make a reservation for a table on the terraces. Would you still like to be assured of a seat? Feel free to call or email the restaurant, bar, or café. 

Restaurants & terraces 
Before you are assigned a spot, the staff will ask you if you had any complaints in the past few weeks. You will also be asked to wash or disinfect your hands. A household may sit at the same table, people from other households will have to keep 1.5 meters from each other. The staff will also keep their distance. There is no maximum number of guests on the terrace, inside there is a maximum of 100 guests.

Overnight stays
Would you like to book an overnight stay? You can still do that with peace of mind. To keep your stay as safe as possible, some services will be temporarily unavailable. This differs per accommodation. Do you want to know exactly what has changed? Then take a look at the relevant website! 


All about booking, reservations, and more!

Due to the coronavirus COVID-19, we will inspire you as much as possible with background stories and tips of things that you can do to experience Eindhoven in a safe way. More information on the measures in Eindhoven and the Netherlands can be found here.

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