Food Walk Woensel-West

Ready for another walk? Let's head on over to the next exciting district! This time, we will show you around Woensel-West with the help of five food locations. Come and join us on this food walk!

Duration 60 - 90 minutes

Jungle Café

A quick note: start the walk wherever you want! We kick off the walk with a visit to Jungle Café located on the Edisonstraat. When visiting this place, you are assured of a surprising drink and a delicious snack, which you can take along the route. How about a chai latte or a golden mylk (spiced drink), and perhaps, a coconut cake or a hearty French toast as a bite? Yummy!

Walk down Edisonstraat in the direction of Edisonplein and the colorful Tante Netty. Be sure to stop by the ‘Verheven Huisjes’ as well! Keep walking straight ahead until you find your next stop on your left.

Falafel Masters 

A little further down the street, you will come across Falafel Masters, part of the Woensel Westside Stores. What to order here? Right, falafel! We highly recommend you try one of the falafel specialties. Try the stuffed falafel or falafel wrap, for example. Tasty drinks to go along with that are fresh mint or jasmine tea!

Walk towards the intersection and cross over to the Johannes van der Waalsweg. Follow the road and turn left on the Lijmbeekstraat. Then turn left to Peperstraat and continue straight on, even after crossing the Boschdijk. The street then changes into Van Kinsbergenstraat. Walk straight ahead until you reach Kruisstraat and turn right. Now you're just a few steps away from the next stop!

Dolce Creme Gelato

The best things in life are sweet is the slogan of Dolce Creme Gelato on Kruisstraat. From Belgian waffles to milkshakes and from pastries to French crepes, this place has everything for the ones with a sweet tooth. Our suggestions on a cold day: hot cookie dough paired with coffee. Is the sun out? Then enjoy some Italian ice cream and a mocktail!

Go via the Kruisstraat towards the Woenselse Markt. On the right side, you will find the Sang Lee Superstore and the in-house snack bar.

Due to the coronavirus COVID-19, we will inspire you as much as possible with background stories and tips of things that you can do to experience Eindhoven in a safe way. More information on the measures in Eindhoven and the Netherlands can be found here.

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