MU Hybrid Art House | Virtual Exhibition

Museums may be physically closed but online there’s a cultural database full of exhibitions curated by museums, galleries, and art spaces in Eindhoven. This week we will take you through the virtual exhibition called 'Worlding Worlds’ curated by MU.

Ian Cheng - Emissary’s Guide to Worlding

Publication, 2018: In the Emissary’s Guide to Worlding Ian Cheng discusses the importance of worlding, the many forms a world can take, and above all how a world comes into being. In his view, Worlding is a process in which a creator combines different roles (masks) to bring about an infinite game. During the exhibition, the Emissary’s Guide to Worlding can be downloaded for free here

Stéphane Borel - Stream City

VR installation, 2019: When ownership is becoming transient, when more products will become immaterial services, and customers will be more dependent on corporations in their daily lives, will it be possible to imagine a different way to own objects and spaces? This futuristic and alternative model for the city aims to provoke an experience: to detach oneself from things, and to live and behave temporarily like a bird.

Liam Young - Planet City

Animated film, 2020: In Planet City, Liam Young speculates what might happen if we radically reverse the sprawl of human settlement and retreat from all our existing countries into one hyper-dense metropolis housing the entire population of earth. This is the world collapsed into a single city, a microcosm of the planet that may allow us to return the rest of the world to a global scaled wilderness. 

Baum & Leahy - Host

Installation, 2019: We carry trillions of microorganisms on and in our body. This microbiome of bacteria, archaea, protozoa, viruses, and fungi plays a crucial role in our digestive and immune systems. This raises questions as to how (un)healthy our obsession with hygiene actually is. In Host, Baum & Leahy allow the microbiome to flourish in our everyday domestic environment.

Joanie Lemercier - Paysages Possibles

Installation and video, 2020: A plotter directed by an algorithm is filling a sheet of paper with apparently whimsical lines. You might interpret them as mountainscapes or as an ocean. Day by day, a world takes shape, impenetrable and sublime.

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley - ‘Resurrection Lands’ Pro League

Animation film, 2019: A successful search for the ancestors of black trans people leads to their resurrection in a digital archive called The Black Sea, were people can visit them and benefit from their presence. Soon, however, trans tourism takes over and black trans history is being appropriated and exploited. The ancestors need to be secured from this awful fate. So: why are you here?

Andrew Thomas Huang - Flesh Nest 

Video film, 2017: Flesh Nest imagines the Internet as an intensely physical world where human behavior merges with data streams. Andrew Thomas Huang found inspiration in the rich visual language of painters like Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Breughel. The film is a rough, unpolished vision of a post-apocalyptic digital purgatory.

Kordae Jatafa Henry - Earth Mother Sky Father

Video performance, 2018: In the year 2030, Congo is no longer shipping all its mineral resources to China but keeps its wealth onshore instead. The pillage of the land is over, excavation programmer Woot performs a ceremonial dance for the God of Rare Earth. With street dancer Storyboard P and music by Shabazz Palaces. 

Mehraneh Atashi - Flotsam, Jetsam, Lagan and Derelict

Installation, 2019: Mehraneh Atashi investigates the importance of memories and the (lack of) documentation about her life for the image of her former self, and how these memories in their turn contribute to a future self. She expresses the entangled nature of life – the way in which small objects, chemical processes, personal experiences and memories, all concur, with equal importance, to the shaping of reality. 

David OReilly - Eye of the Dream

Audiovisual installation, 2018: To David OReilly, the universe is one long dance, from the Big Bang to the present moment. Particles, organisms and stars whirl around each other. Connected by their own rhythm, they exchange information, they organise and regroup in constantly changing constellations. We humans mainly dance for fun – or are we being danced by life itself?

Viviane Komati - Valentine in Things City

Animatiefilm, 2018: A fulfilment centre of the future, as large as a city, only accommodates delivery drones, logistics bots, conveyer belts and an incredible amount of things. The physical space has been designed by the same artificial intelligence code that organises logistics infrastructure. You see what happens through the camera’s in the immeasurable warehouse. 

Ferenj - Ainslee Alem Robson

An installation, 2020: What is the meaning of ‘home’ when you live between two cultures? Through crowdsourcing, Ainslee Alem Robson collected images from Cleveland, where she grew up, and   Ethiopia, her mother’s country. She combines the 3D scans into a world built from point clouds, a non-place full of music, history and memories where Empress Taytu tells her story.

Soft Bodies - Weightless Collaboration

Shared Mixed-Reality Experience, 2020: Anticipating a future when work and life will blend into each other and distances will be virtually eliminated, Weightless Collaboration asks you to take care of a garden together with someone else, in a digitally enhanced reality. This apparently practical activity imagines the high level of abstraction involved in working with intangible data flows. 

Due to the coronavirus COVID-19, we will inspire you as much as possible with background stories and tips of things that you can do to experience Eindhoven in a safe way. More information on the measures in Eindhoven and the Netherlands can be found here.

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