Burst Your Bubble | Walls with Paint

In “Walls with Paint”, Eindhoven local, photographer, and art fan Lukedaduke shares the story behind a special street art project in Eindhoven. This month: Burst Your Bubble by Niels Bakkerus and others.

You can interpret these three words in many ways; get out of your comfort zone, meet people with different perspectives, other cultures, and open up for new opinions and ideas.

And if you weigh in these words with the current situation: look at your own interests and those of others and start a conversation about them.

Niels Bakkerus was invited by CKE, home of amateur art and cultural education in Eindhoven, to work together with clients of NEOS Eindhoven and De Huiskamer (The Livingroom) to create a mural in the Kruisstraattunnel.

NEOS and De Huiskamer both work with and for refugees, and NEOS also supports the homeless. Niels made the setup for the mural; he designed the letters and bubbles. Creative clients of NEOS and De Huiskamer filled in these bubbles with their work.

The Kruisstraat is probably the most multicultural street of Eindhoven. Here, you can find Turkish bakers, American pizzerias, a Russian liquor store, a Chinese-Surinamese restaurant, an Asian supermarket…, and I probably forgot to mention many more.

Where else than at the start of this street to burst your own bubble and enjoy what the world offers Eindhoven?


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