24 Hours With Marc & Barbara

Newly business partners Marc Dubach and Barbara Vugs know Eindhoven like the back of their hand. It's not for nothing that they like to work together. Barbara: "We complete each other in terms of network and creativity. Together we come up with better ideas." Even though they are on the same page in terms of business, they sometimes differ in their opinion on what ideal day in Eindhoven looks like. Marc: "And that's fine, you don't always have to agree with each other. Whatever you choose from our list, it will be a great day in Eindhoven anyway. We do advise you to rent a bike because you'll be going all over town with us."

10:00 Breakfast and design

Barbara: "You can have a delicious breakfast at The Happiness Café, but you can also order some and take it with you. If the weather is nice I would do so and take it with me to the nearby park on the Lichtplein". Marc: "That renovated square has indeed become a nice piece of Eindhoven. My first choice for the start of the day would be Het Koffiehuisje. That building was once the very first Etos (Dutch drugstore) and was founded by Philips. Het Koffiehuisje has a lovely terrace and you are close to Strijp-S. Be sure to take a stroll through the rest of Philipsdorp. This area has been beautifully renovated over the years."

Both agree that after breakfast a bike ride or walk to Strijp-R is a very good option. Marc: "Strijp-R is the headquarters of designer Piet Hein Eek and as a visitor, you can immerse yourself in the world of Eek. There's a shop, you can take a look at the workshop - from a distance - and there's a good restaurant."

13:00 Lunch and culture

Depending on what you're in the mood for, Barbara and Marc have two different spots for lunch for you. One option combines a nice bite to eat with a movie, the other goes for a combination of lunch and a museum. Marc: "Natlab is a nice place to have lunch. The property has great historical value for the city and it's great that it has been preserved. Albert Einstein even lectured there. The cinema screens arthouse films. And an additional tip for the evening: during the summer months they even have an outdoor cinema."

Barbara: "If you like museums, don't skip the Van Abbemuseum. This modern art museum is highly recommended. The building is beautiful and the art collection surprises me every time. Make sure to take the elevator, because that in itself is a special experience. I also love the museum shop. The Karel I Museum Café has a very nice terrace by the water. It's guaranteed to give you a holiday feeling.

16:30 Afternoon drinks

Marc and Barbara's route also takes you out of the city center. Marc: "There are so many nice places to discover here. You can get there on foot, but cycling is more convenient. For instance Thym's terrace, close to the Stadswandelpark. I love coming there. Especially on a summer's day, it's a great place to end the day with a nice drink. You could also stroll through the park across the street and visit the sculpture garden. Nearby you'll also find Genneper Parken; beautiful nature. If you go there, be sure to pay a visit to the Genneper Hoeve."

19:30 Two types of restaurants

Barbara: "Sometimes you just want to eat something without too much fuss and other nights you want to go a bit more posh and treat yourself. That's why Marc and I have chosen two types of restaurants, both of which serve delicious dishes in their own way. The first one is Gusto040. This restaurant is just outside the center, but you can easily get there. There's a laidback living room atmosphere and they also have an extensive vegetarian menu."

Marc: "If you're more into fine dining, we highly recommend Goyvaerts. This restaurant is owned by three young brothers who pay a lot of attention to the dishes. They really deliver what they promise. The service is also very good."

23:30 Staying the night: urban or nature?

After an evening of dining, Barbara and Marc opt for a nightcap at the hotel. Of course, they give you two options. Barbara: "Hotel Parkzicht lives up to its name. It's a quiet little place in nature and you'd almost forget that you are in a city. It is a cozy and pleasant hotel, where you can really relax." Marc: "If you prefer the city buzz, the Art Hotel is a great place to spend the night. Packed with design, a nice hotel bar and some rooms even have a jacuzzi. The hotel is right in the middle of the city center and has a great view. On one side you can see the Lichttoren and the Blob and on the other side, you look out on the Philips Stadium and Strijp-S. You get the ultimate Eindhoven feeling." Whatever you choose, after this day you will sleep like a baby. Good night!

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