Canal Zone

The Canal Zone, including the Campina grounds as well as the NRE site, proves to be a popular place even outside of the annual Dutch Design Week. More and more creatives, innovative eateries, and other must-visits settle down in this emerging factory area. A few examples are PHOOD, creative collective NUL ZES, and Onomatopee. Want to talk about history? It's everywhere: in the DAF Museum, the former factories and the raw, relaxed atmosphere. Our tip: stay at Hotel Mariënhage for an unforgettable visit!

In the area

NRE site

The NRE site was founded in 1899 and had a long history as a gas plant. Today, it is a small but lively and creative area. Among other things, there are several design studios, the Heritage House, and the Cyklist cycling cafe.

Photo: Twycer

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