Easy accessable city centre

Eindhoven is working to create a healthy and appealing city centre. We are giving cyclists and pedestrians plenty of space and investing in public transport. At the same time, we're making sure that the city centre remains easily accessible by car. In September 2018, we started working on the refurbishment of the Vestdijk (the section between 18 Septemberplein and Stationsweg). The accessibility map shows how the Heuvel parking garage and other car parks in the city centre can be reached.

The work will take place in six phases and last through early 2020. This work is invasive because a lot of it, such as replacing sewage pipes, must take place underground. This will cause unavoidable inconvenience. We will do everything we can to keep this to a minimum. The phased approach will ensure that the city centre remains accessible at all times.

Accessibility map

You can find more information at eindhoven.nl/vestdijk
If you have any questions, send them by email to beleefdevestdijk@eindhoven.nl