Stay-at-home Tips & Activities

These times require everyone to stay indoors as much as possible. That is why we've selected some great tips to experience Eindhoven from home. For example, order your dinner from a local restaurant or try listening to an Eindhoven podcast. If you still want to go out for some air, check out our safe outdoor activities. Do you have any suggestions? Let us know!

Stay-at-home tips - Our tips to experience Eindhoven from home

Takeout & Delivery

View our database, support local restaurants and order your favorite dishes online!

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Online events

Take a look at our events calendar for some great initiatives to live stream at home.

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Why not give these local podcasts a try?

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Virtual expos

We bring the Eindhoven museums to your living room.

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Browse all day at these Eindhoven webshops.

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Eindhoven recipe

Prepare the Eindhoven dish by top chef Naresh Ramdjas.

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Outdoor activities - Ways to discover the city safely

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