Sophie Beer

Sophie Beer works for Studio 040 and since several years she has been the host of the annual parade on September 18th. Currently her work has been more about working behind the scenes on projects of regional broadcasting. After work she can be found at PSV Stadium and in her kitchen: she is an enthusiastic home cook.

DRINKS I like the atmosphere at the Stadsbrouwerij on the Bleekstraat and the Trafalgar Pub in the Dommelstraat. At the brewery I like to order one of their beers, but that is not the main reason to go there. This also applies to the Trafalgar Pub.That is also a great place with a pleasant atmosphere and a mixed audience. You see young and old, families and men playing cards.

DINNER After a week of hard work, I prefer to take my bike to the Spanish center in Strijp, for years my favorite Friday night destination. It’s such a lively place and the food is simple and tasty. Although it is not close to Hugo de Grootplein, on the other hand it just gives me some time, while I am biking, to leave my work behind and start the weekend. My latest culinary discovery is DOYY in the Hoogstraat. The owner is from Azerbaijan; the cook is only 23 years old but already has a lot of experience in renowned businesses. Cooking the way  he does! is just unbelievable.

ART I love movies and music and I will never skip the Dutch Design Week. I must say art is something still to discover. I am not yet a regular visitor of the Van Abbe Museum yet, but am already a intensive visitor of Natlab! And recently we were in the Klokgebouw at Doe Maar. And the concert of Guus, well, that is always a great night out.

THE CITY Eindhoven is the city I have been living in for almost twenty years now and I feel this is my home town. I was in Rotterdam recently and I see the difference between Eindhoven and a really big city. When coming back home I immediately realize how great Eindhoven is for me; this is my town. It is becoming more and more fun and the activities are expanding.  I constantly discover new things For example, for the first time in my life I went dancing salsa in Santiago de Cuba at the Stratumseind, it was such a great evening. The Stratumseind is changing too; in the past, only young people went there. But nowadays also pubs for people of other ages and several nice restaurants have opened in the area.

 April edition Eindhoven through the eyes of Daan Verleg, owner of DENF Coffee.