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Sunday 22 July

Zongenoten | Silent Disco

Enjoy the summer with your friends! Expect the best disco, classics, pop and R&B music and dance all day long.

Sunday 22 July

PUURliedjes | The Seasons

Enjoy acoustic music on a Sunday afternoon at Popei.

22 July, 12 August and 26 August

Gay Film Night | Marvin ou la belle éducation

A young actor uses the memories about his childhood for a play.

until 9 September

Playa D'Evo Luon

In the summer months the park at the Evoluon becomes a beach. Here you can enjoy the weather with the nice view of the Evoluon.

Sunday 22 July

Alegría Festival

A Latin culture festival

Sunday 22 July


Café Wilhelmina presents the annual event Bluesplein. ‘Bluesplein’ is accessible, free of charge.

until 1 September

Summer at the Prehistorical Village

This summer you’ll travel back in time at Pre Historical village Eindhoven.

until 16 September

Exhibition | Graphite Knots

Over a period of five months, Bodenhausen will be making a huge drawing on the monumental back wall of Het Oog, examining the basic material of the drawing:...

until 28 August 2019

Exhibition | The Making of Modern Art

This exhibition combines modern master pieces from the Van Abbe collection, like Mondrian, Picasso, Sol LeWitt, Kandinsky and Leger, with an experimental...

until 9 September

EXPO | Errorist kabaret

Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome to Errorist Kabaret! A surreal café peopled by artists, activists and magicians, where ashtrays come to life, the bottles...


Dutch Masters on Sunday

Sunday mornings at Natlab are all about the Dutch Masters.

until 1 November 2019

Exhibition | The Way Beyond Art

Between 2017 and 2020 the Van Abbemuseum organises a series of exhibitions and projects using its own collection.

until 30 September

Expo | 30 year Heineken prize for art

This year the prestigious Dr. A.H. Heineken Prize for Art has its 30-year anniversary. The prize of €100.000 is awarded biannually to a prominent Dutch...

until 30 December

Exhibition | Spectrum I

Spectrum I is a continuation of the artist’s exploration into the material and cultural legacy of oil extraction in the Arabian Gulf.


Exhibition: The collection now

More than 600 artworks and archive materials.

until 12 August

CSI: Pand P

Become a real detective this summer at Pand P and solve this mysterious murder.

until 16 September

Expo | Grey Knotts

Gam Bodenhausen in Het Oog

Sunday 22 July

Expo|The experimental zoo

The experimental zoo is een dierentuin met 14 interactieve objecten.


Mission Eureka

Mission Eureka provides you with insights in Philips inventions, that remain secret for other visitors…


New scavenger hunt at the Philips Museum

Especially for kids aged 4 to 8, there’s a new scavenger hunt at the Philips Museum.

Sunday 22 July

Expo | Had ik het ook zo gedaan als ik een vrouw was geweest?

Peter Fengler presenteert een ‘levend archief’ van vroegere performances.


Augmented Reality Tour

From now on every visitor of the Philips Museum will be able to experience the world of Philips Design and the ideas behind it’s iconic products, with...

22 July, 24 July and 6 more days

Exhibition | Max Ernst: The 1000-year astronaut

German-born Max Ernst (1891-1976) juggles with meaning in ways which he artfully and provocatively compiles from existing images.