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21 November

Lecture | Forever online

Humankind has never lived in a society in which so many data are saved. The last generation that can still distinguish between on- and offline is living...

21 November

Kinderen van Aleppo

Kinderen van Aleppo volgt het verhaal van drie studenten die in beweging kwamen. Ieder van hen met persoonlijke redenen, met een eigen verhaal, maar wel...

21 November

The Beginning of Nature

The performance is a symphony of rhythms: from day to night, the changing of the seasons, growth and decay and the tides of the oceans.

21 November

PLAN-B on stilts

Creative entrepreneurs put Plan-B on stilts

21 November

Jan Beuving | Rotatie

Cabaret artist Jan Beuving gives a mathematical twist to things in Rotatie.

until 8 May 2019

Vriendentafel | concertbezoek

Tijdens deze bijeenkomsten worden thema's besproken die een relatie hebben met een concert dat later in het seizoen plaatsvindt.

until 21 November

Tonight Alive

Tonight Alive returns to Dynamo for something very special! They’ll play with us two days in a row on the main stage.

until 2 December

Robot love

ROBOT LOVE is the artistic translation of a widely held public debate on the rise of robots in our daily lives.


Mission Eureka

Mission Eureka provides you with insights in Philips inventions, that remain secret for other visitors…


Playing with language

Come play and learn the language by researching, exploring and experimenting. For kids from age 4 to 8 and their parents.

until 18 January 2019

Mr. Radio Philips

Het heldhaftige optreden van Zwartendijk is ook het onderwerp van een speciale tentoonstelling in het Philips Museum.


Voorlezen en knutselen in de Witte Dame

Woensdagmiddag voorleesmiddag 15:00 uur.

until 9 December

The Secret Life of Materials

'The Secret Life of Materials' is a monumental group exhibition about the quirkiness of material, the making and the maker, at two special locations: in...


Exhibition: The collection now

More than 600 artworks and archive materials.

until 28 August 2019

Exhibition | The Making of Modern Art

This exhibition combines modern master pieces from the Van Abbe collection, like Mondrian, Picasso, Sol LeWitt, Kandinsky and Leger, with an experimental...

until 2 April 2020

Augmented Reality Tour

From now on every visitor of the Philips Museum will be able to experience the world of Philips Design and the ideas behind it’s iconic products, with...


Market Kastelenplein

The Kastelenplein Market is from 12.00 to 16.30 every Wednesday.

until 17 March 2019

Expo | Museum as parliament

The People’s Parliament of Rojava at the Van Abbemuseum

until 1 November 2019

Exhibition | The Way Beyond Art

Between 2017 and 2020 the Van Abbemuseum organises a series of exhibitions and projects using its own collection.


New scavenger hunt at the Philips Museum

Especially for kids aged 4 to 8, there’s a new scavenger hunt at the Philips Museum.

until 19 December

Expo| Inktspotprijs

De schitterende expositie geeft een goed beeld van wat ons het afgelopen jaar vooral bezighield.


Market Winkelcentrum Woensel

The Market at Winkelcentrum Woensel is from 09.00 to 12.00 every Wednesday.

until 30 December

Exhibition | Spectrum I

Spectrum I is a continuation of the artist’s exploration into the material and cultural legacy of oil extraction in the Arabian Gulf.

until 9 February 2020

An Antihero in Eindhoven

Consecutive scenes show geometrical, stylized skate obstacles, which lay an abstract link to the location; one of the largest indoor skate parks in Europe....