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Tuesday 25 September

Formule 1 Show

In De Formule 1 Show, commentator Olav Mol and pit reporter Jack Plooij tell you everything about the highest class in motor sports and share their passion...

Tuesday 25 September

Parktheater Academy

Een serie lezingen met boeiende sprekers uit andere vakgebieden, zorg, wetenschap, sport of bedrijfsleven, die aansluiten aan de actualiteit en vol energie...

Tuesday 25 September

Het gras bij de buren| Margriet Bolding

Looking for quality theater at a low price? Then choose a show from the Ontroerend Goed series.

Tuesday 25 September


Lezing over hoogsensitieve personen en de ervaringen van Sandra Kleipas die een praktijk beheerd.

until 2 December

Robot love

ROBOT LOVE is the artistic translation of a widely held public debate on the rise of robots in our daily lives.

until 30 December

Exhibition | Spectrum I

Spectrum I is a continuation of the artist’s exploration into the material and cultural legacy of oil extraction in the Arabian Gulf.

until 30 September

Expo | 30 year Heineken prize for art

This year the prestigious Dr. A.H. Heineken Prize for Art has its 30-year anniversary. The prize of €100.000 is awarded biannually to a prominent Dutch...


Centre Market

The market in the centre is from 09.00 to 16.00 every Tuesday.


Augmented Reality Tour

From now on every visitor of the Philips Museum will be able to experience the world of Philips Design and the ideas behind it’s iconic products, with...

until 17 March 2019

Expo | Museum as parliament

The People’s Parliament of Rojava at the Van Abbemuseum

until 28 August 2019

Exhibition | The Making of Modern Art

This exhibition combines modern master pieces from the Van Abbe collection, like Mondrian, Picasso, Sol LeWitt, Kandinsky and Leger, with an experimental...

until 18 January 2019

Mr. Radio Philips

Het heldhaftige optreden van Zwartendijk is ook het onderwerp van een speciale tentoonstelling in het Philips Museum.


Exhibition: The collection now

More than 600 artworks and archive materials.

until 4 October

Expo| World Press Photo 2018

In the exhibition the more than 160 winning images can be seen. Most photos do not need explanation, they are a story in themselves.

until 1 November 2019

Exhibition | The Way Beyond Art

Between 2017 and 2020 the Van Abbemuseum organises a series of exhibitions and projects using its own collection.


New scavenger hunt at the Philips Museum

Especially for kids aged 4 to 8, there’s a new scavenger hunt at the Philips Museum.


Dinsdagmiddag gratis entree @ VanAbbemuseum

Voor iedereen is het museum voortaan gratis te bezoeken op dinsdagmiddagen tussen 15.00 en 17.00 uur.

until 14 October

EXPO | Recollecting Landscape Experiences

For Michaël de Kok, looking at and experiencing a landscape is a reason for painting. He depicts his memory of an experience.


Mission Eureka

Mission Eureka provides you with insights in Philips inventions, that remain secret for other visitors…

until 25 September 2019

An Antihero in Eindhoven

Consecutive scenes show geometrical, stylized skate obstacles, which lay an abstract link to the location; one of the largest indoor skate parks in Europe....

until 25 September 2019

Go to the movies at Natlab!

Visit Natlab to enjoy th elatest arthouse films, the best movies you might say. Every day starting at ten o'clock!

until 14 October

Lichtjesroute Eindhoven

22 km route through Eindhoven illuminated by lights.

Wednesday 26 September

SOUL #2 Performers

Enjoy the impressive and equally intimate, beautiful dance of SOUL # 2 Performers, and get a peek at the soul of six top performers from various generations.

Wednesday 26 September

Achter de façade van Facebook

Ben jij nog steeds een gebruiker? Tom Kreling (de Volkskrant) vertelt hoe onderzoeksjournalisten ons inzicht geven in de verontrustende werkwijze van een...