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Oorlog en vrede | Frascati Producties | Florian Myjer

Oorlog en vrede | Frascati Producties | Florian Myjer

After the successful Bloomsbury, Florian Myjer and Kim Karssen are climbing the Mount Everest of world literature: Oorlog en Vrede (War and Peace) by Tolstoj. This will not be any ordinary adaptation of the novel, but rather an intimate, explosive, and megalomaniacal theatrical evening. Tolstoj's characters will live a grand and enthralling life. 

In Russia’s ice-cold winters, family capital is gambled away, far too young and far too horribly killed, hearts are broken time after time. All this against the backdrop of Napoleon's battle against Russia. The contrast with the Netherlands today cannot be greater: we live relatively safely, though longingly and anxiously. Narrow-mindedness runs deep in our blood. With Tolstoy's magnum opus, you immerse yourself in the question of: how should we be living?


Pand P
Leenderweg 65
5614 HL Eindhoven
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  • €15.00