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Kapot VET | Vet Kindercabaret

Kapot VET | Vet Kindercabaret

Do you understand anything about your parents? This musical, colorful energy boost with crazy acts and slick humor is proof that music lessons are not for everyone. 

That your parents shouldn't dab, that they are often wrong about what is cool, and that bed-time is a stupid word. In a circus-like revue, Jantijn, Sjamke and Nellerike pursue all kinds of dreams. Children get a glimpse behind the curtains of adults and adults of children.

Kapot VET takes you to a magical dimension in which nothing is mandatory, and rather, a whole lot is allowed: no rules, no homework, no lessons or training. You can laugh at very funny situations and songs played as loud as you dare!

  • Dutch spoken


Parktheater Eindhoven
Theaterpad 1
5615 EN Eindhoven
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