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Ferbis | Simon Bus

Ferbis | Simon Bus

Fever causes intense and bizarre dreams. Simon Bus physically translates the experience of these feverish dreams into his performance Febris.

The choreographer/dancer sets his dancers loose in a psychological space, full of psychedelic images, while bathed in feverish sweat.
Febris is Bus' third dance performance as part of the ThinX innovation project. From his background as a break dancer, but also with his training from the Kunstacademie Maastricht, he has developed a more experimental style of urban dance.
In season 17/18, he started working as a choreographer for the first time and created the performance Watering a flower. In season 18/19, he delivered the performance Chopping a sweet olive.


Parktheater Eindhoven
Theaterpad 1
5615 EN Eindhoven
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