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Mounir Samuel | En toen schiep God Mounir

Mounir Samuel | En toen schiep God Mounir

The Egyptian-Dutch Mounir Samuel unveils his first performance: En toen schiep God Mounir. Mounir is known for his work as a journalist, writer and opinion maker. 

In a contemporary creation story from which numerous identities such as skin color, origin and religion are peeled away, Mounir goes in search of the birth of a new Adam: not man nor woman, but human. A search for true freedom.

With the aid of storytelling, music, dance and film images, Mounir examines how much this freedom means to him. In the name of seven days of creation, he takes you on a journey around the world. En toen schiep God Mounir is a tragicomic performance that makes you think and does not shy away from confrontation.


Pand P
Leenderweg 65
5614 HL Eindhoven
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  • €15.00