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Carte Blanche | Het kleine meisje (sold out)

Carte Blanche | Het kleine meisje van meneer Linh

A meeting between two gentlemen on a bench. They speak to each other, but there are no words involved. They are connected to each other through a loss. Their friendship, based on spirituality, creates a new meaning.
Director Liesbeth Reeser has wanted to make this performance for a long time. "Spoken language is often used to say things that the words themselves don’t. How necessary is language, and what is its function, really?"

  • Performed in Dutch


Pand P
Leenderweg 65
5614 HL Eindhoven
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  • 16 mei (bij Pand P) 17 t/m 19 mei (bij Carte Blanche)


  • €14.90