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Firma Draak / Feikes Huis | Japanse Meisjes

Firma Draak / Feikes Huis | Japanse Meisjes

Two Dutch boys want it all to be different. They want to dance and sing as carefreely as the girls from the Idol clips, be as strong as the heroines from an Anime movie, and have the focus of a Japanese Zen master.

In an ultimate attempt to transcend their existing identities, the performers Nick Bos and Mathieu Wijdeven reach out to what is furthest away from them. An opposite world and gender. Shame, assumptions and misunderstanding are lurking here.

With colorful projections, self-composed soundscapes and life-sized cardboard origami, they create their own magical theatrical Anime. But what do they find there? What on earth can an impossible attempt to become Japanese Girls yield? Will they be able to find a core of truth for themselves in this world full of projections? A brand new contemporary intercontinental-cultureclash-live-Anime-epic!

  • Spoken in English
  • Location: Pand P (Leenderweg 65)
  • Excl. free drink



Pand P
Leenderweg 65
5614 HL Eindhoven
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  • Fixed price€15.00